China, France unite on climate after U.S. withdraws from Paris pact
VCG Photo

VCG Photo

China and France issued the "Beijing Call for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change" on Wednesday amid French President Emmanuel Macron's visit in Beijing, showing a united front after Washington formally withdrew from the Paris accord this week.

In the document, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Macron reaffirmed "their firm support for the Paris accord which they consider as an irreversible process and a compass for strong action on climate."

The two countries in the document recalled the commitments of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as well as the three Rio Conventions: United Nations Convention on biological diversity, United Nations Convention to combat desertification, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and its Doha Amendment, and the Paris Agreement.

The G20 joint commitment on medium-term rationalization and phasing-out of Inefficient Fossil Fuel Subsidies that encourage wasteful consumption, while providing targeted support for the poorest is also reaffirmed in the document.

The document also shows the resolution of China and France in tackling climate change and speeding up the transition toward green and low-carbon and climate-resilient development. 

The two countries called on all countries to mobilize additional resources from all sources, both public and private, at the domestic and at the international level, toward both climate adaptation and mitigation, and make finance flows consistent with pathways toward low greenhouse emissions and climate-resilient development, as well as for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, the conservation of oceans, land degradation among others. 

Click here for the full text of "Beijing Call for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change."

(With input from AFP)