China calls for balanced and prudent approach to Bosnia issue

A Chinese envoy on Tuesday called on the international community to adopt a "balanced and prudent approach" to the issue of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"On the issue of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the international community should heed the views and concerns of all parties, and take a balanced and prudent approach," said Wu Haitao, China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations.

While supporting Bosnia-Herzegovina's reforms, the international community should fully consider the country's national conditions and its ability of absorption, he told the UN Security Council.

Focus should be placed on helping the Bosnian people solve their problems independently, and on supporting the country's economic development, said Wu.

China welcomes the unanimous adoption by the Security Council of Resolution 2496, which extends the authorization of an EU-led peacekeeping force in Bosnia-Herzegovina for another 12 months.

A man casts his ballot at a polling center in Babino near Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, October 7, 2018. /Reuters Photo

A man casts his ballot at a polling center in Babino near Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, October 7, 2018. /Reuters Photo

Maintaining peace, stability and development in Bosnia-Herzegovina and ensuring the peaceful coexistence of various ethnic groups in the country is in the interests of the international community and regional countries, Wu said.

China welcomes the successful conduct of general elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina in October 2018 and has noted that the Council of Ministers has not been formed, the envoy added.

Wu urged all parties in Bosnia-Herzegovina to search for consensus through dialogue and consultation and work on the formation of a new government as soon as possible.

He also asked the parties to actively consolidate the political process, comprehensively implement the Dayton Peace Agreement that put an end to the 1992-1995 Bosnian War, pay greater attention to economic and social development so that the people can share the peace and development dividends.

China has always respected Bosnia-Herzegovina's sovereignty, independence, national unity, and territorial integrity, respected the choice of its people for the future of their country, and encouraged its various ethnic groups to live in harmony and seek common development, said Wu.

China stands ready to work with the rest of the international community to strive for lasting peace, stability and development in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he said.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency