Partnership and diversity key to world economy

One of the main reasons for many companies to attend the second China International Import Expo in Shanghai is to enjoy a bigger slice of China's opening-up market. Chinese President Xi Jinping reiterated the country's determination to further open up its economy - a message that excited companies like Heraeus - a Fortune 500 family business from Germany now eyeing a share in China's telecommunication industry.

"We are looking very much forward to the future of China's development. And we believe we have the right product for telecommunications. We're specially here showing our newest highlight - something for shielding of magnetic interference for 5G. We are already working very very closely with Chinese companies in the U.S., and in Europe to develop their businesses. This year alone we've opened three new R&D centers in China. I think only in partnership - Chinese companies and also international companies can grow together, because international studies have shown only by offering the right diversity, you will get the best ideas to really support China's growth and the world growth and free trade," said Tore Prang, Executive Vice President for Communication & Brand for Heraeus Holding.