Some China railway tickets to be discounted after Singles Day shopping event
China's high-speed bullet trains. /VCG Photo

China's high-speed bullet trains. /VCG Photo

Recent railway ticket adjustments covering China's Shanghai, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Guangzhou and Nanning areas have caught people's attention as the Singles Day Chinese shopping festival draws near. The highest discount available is 55 percent.

For example, the recent ticket price change for the section of railway between Baoji City and Lanzhou City on the Xuzhou-Lanzhou High-speed Railway is to meet the need of the market, according to Mr. Zhang, a staff member at Lanzhou Station. He added that the adjustments include more than 60 train routes.

However, these railway ticket adjustments start from December 1, not Singles Day itself which falls on November 11. 

In fact, the discounts on Chinese railway tickets might not be to coincide with the spirit of Singles Day. The ups and downs of the railway ticket prices also reflect market demand.

Li Hongchang, deputy director of China's Transportation and Economic Research Center, said that the railway ticket adjustments could be beneficial in adapting to market fluctuations.

But if the supply of high-speed railway tickets cannot meet demand during peak periods of travel such as the Spring Festival rush, "the price adjustments should be controlled within a reasonable range," said Li.