HK police vow full investigation on student fall, reject false claim
Updated 18:47, 09-Nov-2019

Hong Kong police said on November 8 the deceased student fell before police officers entered the parking lot, refuting accusations that police were involved in the student's death. The event might spark new rounds of protests in Hong Kong. 

Chow Tse-lok, a 22-year-old Hong Kong University of Science and Technology student, fell in a car park in Tseung Kwan O on November 4. He was pronounced dead four days later at the hospital.

In a briefing Friday afternoon, Hong Kong police updated media on its investigation progress, saying CCTV footage shows the student fell before the police arrived at the scene.

Senior Superintendent (Operations) Foo Yat-ting of Kowloon East Region confirmed the police entered the parking lot twice, one on November 3 at around 11:06 p.m. when the deceased was not inside the premise.

Police entered the scene again at around 1:05 a.m., on November 4, to disperse protesters who threw objects from height and they were informed that a man had fallen and medics were giving first aid.

The student was last seen at 1:02 a.m., on November 4 in the CCTV walking alone from the second floor to the third in the parking lot, where he is believed to have fallen. 

"Police express deep sympathies to his family and friends. We are heavy-hearted, grieved and saddened like Hong Kong residents," police said at the briefing and promised a thorough and comprehensive probe into the case.

The police also lodged a solemn statement on the rumor that went viral on the internet. "The police did not chase after the deceased and hindered the rescue," the police clarified.

"We respect any peaceful and rational public activities," the police further stated, in response to the fresh protest calls on the internet following the incident.

"No one wishes to see it happens," said the police, appealing to the public to stay calm, and not engage in any illegal assemblies.