China's railway authorities launch new services for Double Eleven shopping frenzy

Chinese railway authorities are offering new services from November 11 to 20 to better serve the country's Double Eleven, also known as Singles' Day, which falls on November 11.

To ease the high pressure on the transportation system due to nationwide deliveries, railway authorities strengthened cooperation with online retailers to expand transport capacity, through the highly efficient network structure of high-speed railways.

"The highlight of the new services during the Double Eleven shopping frenzy this year is the immediate delivery service. It means we accept, load and deliver consignments in the shortest possible time. We can even accept consignments in the morning and deliver them before 10 pm the same day," said Zheng Zhiqiang, deputy general manager of the China Railway Express Beijing Division.

Many railway authorities launched cold chain express delivery for food and medical supplies.

The Double Eleven shopping frenzy, falling on November 11 each year, is the largest consumer spending spree in China, during which online retailers launch various promotional activities to boost sales.