The Bohinj Railway: A historic train ride from Slovenia to the Adriatic

A stunning winding railway, linking northern Slovenia with the Adriatic Sea, has been reborn as a popular tourist experience for visitors from Europe, Asia and beyond. 

Slovenia has more than 1,200 km of railways. Regional railways lead to almost every corner of Slovenia, and the most attractive ones are surely those connecting the Julian Alps and the Adriatic coast. Special experiences are offered on the Bohinj Railway, which runs through more than 28 tunnels, five galleries, and over 65 bridges.

The Bohinj Railway was constructed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the early 20th century, but its importance faded after World War I.

The most beautiful experience on the Bohinj Railway is a ride on the museum train. During this nearly two-hour train ride, tour guides will led you to a historical adventure and enjoy the beautiful landscape along the way.