China's home-built aircraft carrier sails through Taiwan Strait
Updated 16:20, 18-Nov-2019

China's second home-built aircraft carrier sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Sunday and conducted scientific research and routine training in the South China Sea, according to Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy spokesperson Cheng Dewei.

It is a normal arrangement in the process of building an aircraft carrier to conduct cross-regional tests and training, the spokesperson said.

"It's not directed at any target, not related to the current situation," he added.

On the same day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang commented on the sailing of the carrier through the Taiwan Strait at a regular press conference on Monday. 

It is no surprise that China's fleet conducts regular training on its own "doorstep," he said.

Geng pointed out that China's relevant activities are in accordance with international law and international practices and calls on all relevant parties to stop all military acts that interfere in China's normal operations.