Tech It Out 20191116
Updated 14:30, 19-Nov-2019
By CGTN's Tech It Out

In this edition of Tech It Out, we'll take a look at how a water droplet can be made to dance. How this can be fully utilized is up for discussion. And we will leave it to you after you find out the science behind it. What potential do you see for this technology? Also, scientists will tell us how to find your position indoors with just your smartphone.

China's 6G construction

China is officially working on a 6G mobile communication system. The Ministry of Science and Technology has announced two working groups. Made up of scholars and government officials, they will be responsible for carrying out the task. Vice Minister Wang Xi said earlier this month that global research on 6G technology is still in its initial phase.

League of Legends finals

China has won the world championship for a popular online game called "League of Legends." The team, widely known as F-P-X, beat Europe's G-2 Esports in the finals in Paris recently. They won the series 3:0. The match attracted the attention of fans worldwide. An estimated 100 million people watched the games.

HIV discovery

U.S. scientists have confirmed a new type of HIV for the first time in nearly two decades. The new strain is part of the same family of virus subtypes that have fueled the global HIV pandemic. It was found in the blood samples of three people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, between 1980 and 2001. Scientists say the existing treatment for the deadly virus still works against the new strain.

Climate change impacts

Scientists say climate change is putting the lives of emperor penguins at risk. A newly published study shows the species could be close to extinction by the end of the century due to the loss of Antarctic ice. But the report also points out that their extinction can be prevented, if we achieve the temperature control objective in the Paris Agreement on climate change.