Chinese Academy of Sciences celebrates its 70th anniversary
By Ma Li

It is one of the world's top science bodies, and has played a major role in some of the biggest breakthroughs of our time.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has won the acclaim of the science, medical, and many other communities, and was applauded today at the State Council Information Office and the academy is celebrating this milestone of a birthday. 

The CAS is celebrating its 70th anniversary just weeks after that of the People's Republic of China. Many say in seven decades, the CAS has proven its worth.

Bai Chunli, director of the CAS, said, "The achievements of the CAS can't be separated from the unique, national realistic style of the academy's scientists. They are very important for scientific innovation. 21 of the 23 heroes of the atomic and hydrogen bombs and satellite project commended by the state are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences."

The CAS has the resources to solve the toughest challenges. Experts say its disciplines are very complete, and its interdisciplinary advantages are irreplaceable. 

"The intersection of disciplines at the forefront of biological science is embodied in the combination of artificial intelligence and brain science. Proper simulation of the brain is key in creating artificial intelligence. When the integration of the two develops closely enough, no one can imagine how much energy it will churn out," said Pu Muming, academician of CAS.

The CAS continues to push the boundaries of science, making differences, creating a better future, and promoting the construction of a community of shared future for humanity.