Letters to the Editor: Hong Kong belongs to China
Updated 19:39, 25-Aug-2020
Lyndon Sheppard

Editor's note: This is Dr. Lyndon Sheppard's letter to CGTN after he saw the constant turbulence happened in Hong Kong.

The self-inflicted damage caused by Hong Kong rioters will come back to haunt them, as they have done their utmost to destroy the city and infrastructure, and create bad feeling between themselves and their community.

The Hong Kong police and army have exercised the concept of "Courageous Restraint" in a most admirable way, in an effort to defuse the situation. In many other countries, the rioters would have been termed "terrorists," and the police, backed by the army, would have fired live rounds into the rioters.

It is shameful how the U.S. and some other Western media sources have placed the blame of the current unrest on China. Agitators, some with dual or foreign passports have been whipping up unrest to incite the overthrow of government. These, and copycat rioters, have taken upon themselves to turn a flourishing and prestigious university into a weapons factory to attack, maim and kill anyone who opposes them.

Hong Kong belongs to China, and this will be the case (thankfully) for the foreseeable future. Neither will the Hong Kong authorities nor Chinese mainland fail in their duty to protect innocent people from the thugs and terrorists trying to make Chinese Hong Kong ungovernable.

The arrested "students" will have to face consequences for their actions, as they would do in any other country. It is up to the Chinese authorities in Hong Kong to decide what restitution needs to be paid, and most definitely not the Trump administration, or some antagonistic foreign media outlets which nothing better than to besmirch the good name of China and Hong Kong.

Yours sincerely,

Lyndon Sheppard (Dr.)

Essex, Great Britain

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