China on 'secret agent': Never meddle in other countries' internal affairs

China reiterated its commitment to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, stressing it opposes foreign interference and will never meddle in other countries' internal affairs "in any case."

Geng Shuang, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, made the statement on Wednesday in response to the "Chinese infiltration" claims boasted by some Australian politicians and media after they found a self-proclaimed "former Chinese secret agent" who was later confirmed to be a convicted fraud and wanted suspect by the Chinese police.

The 26-year-old man, named Wang Liqiang, reportedly defected to Australia and confessed that he had worked as a secret agent in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Geng refuted the claim, noting that China respects other countries development path and adheres to a non-interference policy in other countries' internal affairs.

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Geng appreciated the rational opinion made by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who said some Australians were "kind of crazy to overreact" and urged it "should not result in some sort of anti-Chinese domestic political witch-hunt."

"The groundless accusation indicated that some politicians in Australia were full of political prejudice. They have no willingness to learn the truth and are merely interested in smearing China and hindering its pragmatic cooperation with Australia," said Geng.

The spokesperson urged the Australian media to abide by professional ethics and present the truth to their audience. He also expected the Australian government to clarify on false allegations and contribute more to China-Australia cooperation.