Forest police, residents save injured rare birds in Inner Mongolia

Forest police and residents saved two injured rare birds in New Barag Right Banner of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, last Thursday.

The two birds are a steppe eagle and a swan goose.

"The steppe eagle was severely injured. Its left wing fractured in two places and could hardly fly. With the assistance of local bird lovers, we made simple disinfection and bandaged its wounds," said a forest police officer.

A swan goose. /VCG Photo

A swan goose. /VCG Photo

Unlike the steppe eagle, the swan goose was only slightly injured when being found.

The two birds have both improved in their physical condition after being carefully nurtured.

"After treatment, both the steppe eagle and the swan goose have basically recovered. After full recovery, we will release them at the Dalai Lake Nature Reserve," said the forest police officer.

Both species are placed under China's second-class national protection.

(Editor: Zhu Yingming. Cover: Steppe eagle. /VCG Photo)

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