China heads toward a greener tomorrow
By Du Zhuoran

China continues to advance in the worldwide race to reduce carbon emissions, according to the country's annual report on Policies and Actions on Climate Change for 2019 released on Wednesday.   

In the report, which comes ahead of the United Nations climate change conference starting on Monday, China showcases its latest achievements in the fight for a greener tomorrow. 

Officials say China cut its carbon emissions per unit of GDP by about 46 percent last year from levels in 2005. That equates to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by over five billion tonnes. 

Zhao Yingmin, vice minister in the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, says the progress is the result of the nation's constant commitment and effort. 

"Since 2018, China has made great progress in slowing and adjusting climate change, promoting industrial restructuring, coordinating between tackling climate change and addressing pollution, increasing public awareness and providing aid to other developing countries," he said. 

The national carbon trading system has made some of the biggest strides.  

Since the system began to go national in 2017, the carbon trade in seven pilot markets amounted to 270 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. It contributes greatly to the process of transforming green resources into green assets. Formal transactions are expected to begin in 2020.  

"China is operating the carbon market while carbon emissions are still rising. It is necessary to carry out institutional innovation based on China's national conditions to ensure the stable operation of the carbon market," said Li Gao, director of the ministry's climate department. 

Meanwhile, China is hard at work co-leading the Nature-based Solutions with New Zealand at this year's U.N. Climate Action Summit. 

The coalition brings benefits to biodiversity and marine and wetlands conservation. Officials say this year's negotiations are crucial. They aim to complete deliberations on the remaining issues related to implementation details of the Paris Agreement. They will also urge developed countries to bridge the gap and fulfill their commitments and promises. 

UN Climate released its Emissions Gap report on Tuesday. The report sets new targets for tackling climate change and urges all parties to fulfill their commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. Officials say Beijing is ready to firmly support the full implementation of the agreement alongside its friends and neighbors.