Rare silver thaw forms at E China's Mount Lushan

A shroud of mist created a moody scene as it enveloped Mount Lushan in east China's Jiangxi Province while the rare silver thaw on ice-coated trees added to the wintry feeling.  

As a cold front sent temperatures dipping below zero and brought rainfall on Monday, ice began to coat maple leaves and pine boughs in mountain areas.  

On Tuesday morning, white mist rose into the sky and rolled across the hilly landscapes, portraying a striking contrast to the red and green tiles in the mountain village. 

The silver thaw is a coating of ice formed when extremely cold water droplets freeze almost instantly on a cold surface. 

With the temperature rising above freezing point at noon, the thaw began as ice blocks began to fall down from trees.  

The rare scenery was an unexpected bonus for tourists.  

(Cover image via screenshot. Edited by Li Yujun.)  

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