Impressionist paintings with a twist of AI

A digital exhibition of famous impressionist paintings from the 19th century, presented with a twist of artificial intelligence (AI), enthralled art connoisseurs at Wangfu Central in Beijing.

The exhibition allowed the viewers to immerse themselves in 3D paintings, including Monet's Water Lilies, or get into Van Gogh's bedroom. Digital exhibition is still a novelty for museum visitors, so presenting traditional art works with AI technology offers an intriguing and fresh experience. 

Fun as it is, many raise the question as to what extent such digital exhibitions can be educational. Curator Xie Yinuo explains her initial motivation behind importing the show from South Korea. 

"I believe it is necessary to hold traditional exhibitions in academically oriented museums with academic explanations," she said. However, people from different age groups and backgrounds have varying experiences. For young visitors and people who don't have a strong background in western paintings but still have a desire for art, interactive exhibitions are a good place to begin, she said.

Inspired and encouraged by this exhibition, Xie and her team are planning something new. 

"We are also considering creating an IP with some outstanding art works by traditional and contemporary ink painting artists of China in multiple ways using AI technology, multimedia and three-dimensional scenarios. We also plan to promote it abroad," Xie told CGTN. 

Promoting classical art in contemporary ways can be both challenging and controversial. But when it comes to new developments in the field of art, Xie believes that diversity always adds to the beauty.