Large area of ice floes covers Baotou section of Yellow River

Ice floes have emerged in the Yellow River section running through Baotou City in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. 

"This year's ice floes have two characteristics. One is that this year, the date that ice floes occurred is nine days earlier than last year. Second, the density, water level and flow are higher than last year," said Chen Xunzhu, sector chief of the construction administrative section of Baotou Water Authority. 

Local authorities have been conducting a 24-hour patrol to monitor the temperature and the general situation of the water and ice floes. 


More about ice floes in Yellow River

In winter, ice forms in still water areas of the Yellow River. Prolonged cold conditions may also cause the freezing of the surface of some sections of the Yellow River.  

In early spring, warm temperatures cause ice to melt rapidly. The river swells up with the melting water and ice floes. 

Some sections of the Yellow River flow from low-latitude regions to high-latitude regions, causing the river ice to freeze or melt at different times.  

If chunks of ice accumulate in a narrow passage of the river, the water level will rise significantly which can be dangerous for people living along the river. 

(Cover photo via VCG. Edited by Li Yujun.) 

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