Taiwan enterprises to embrace more business chances in mainland

Enterprises from China's Taiwan region will embrace more business chances in the Chinese mainland, thanks to measures unveiled last month. 

China's State Council Taiwan Affairs Office on Wednesday elaborated on the 26 measures aimed at promoting economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan Strait.

Thirteen of the 26 measures are about equal treatment for enterprises from Taiwan, including investing in or participating in projects of major technological equipment, 5G, circular economy, civil aviation, theme parks and new types of financial institutions.

"The main consideration (of the measures) is to provide more development opportunities and equal treatment for Taiwan compatriots and enterprises, and further promote Taiwan enterprises' participation in mainland's high-quality development and high-tech innovation," said Chen Binhua, deputy director of the Department of Economy of State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, "and help Taiwan enterprises accelerate technological innovation, reduce comprehensive costs, seize development opportunities and achieve better development."

According to Chen, the 13 measures can be characterized with three major points. First, the measures are close with economic and social development. For example, the second measure said the cooperation between the mainland and Taiwan region will be supported, and Taiwan enterprises are welcomed to participate in mainland's 5G construction.

Second, the measures react to what Taiwan enterprises mainly care about. For instance, according to the eighth measure, the mainland will give solutions to the difficulties that Taiwan enterprises face in financing and raising funds.

Lastly, compared to the "31 measures" released last year, the new measures are more high-quality. The first measure said the mainland will support Taiwan enterprises to participate in major technical equipment building, and help them accelerate technological innovation.