Preparations almost complete for 2020 National Winter Games
Sports Scene

The National Winter Games of China will be held in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in February 2020, setting an important example for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

All the tasks have been progressing steadily in these two years. Recently, organizers said that most of the main infrastructures have been completed, including the ski tracks, the main part of the ski resort, the Main Media Center, as well as the standby power station.

Jinlong Mountain in Zhalantun District, the games' co-host, now features eight ski slopes, measuring a total of 16 kilometers and covering a total of 700,000 square kilometers.

These will provide the skaters, skiers and amateurs with conditions necessary for participating in winter sports. The Snowboard Halfpipe and Freestyle Skiing events will also be held there.

In addition, the newly-completed Athletes Village has a coverage of 4,275 square meters. It aims to give athletes a comfy and enjoyable environment after the matches.

Other facilities like the parking lot and the meteorological station have also been constructed.

Moreover, the Phoenix Mountain Ski Resort in Ya Keshi District will host the Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon.

Based on the event demands, the snow-making machine, snow motorcycles, LCD screens and other facilities have been arranged.

The Main Media Center is set to complete by February, and due to the possibility of extreme weather in Hulun Buir, the standby power station will give a steady supply of electricity in the event of a malfunction.