Live: Revival of lost weaving technique helps alleviate poverty in Tibet
Updated 17:23, 28-Dec-2019

In 2008, when Tibetan man Pasang decided to rescue Ze Tier, a wool weaving technique unique to his hometown from the brink of being lost, he had no idea that one day what had started as a family workshop would grow to be a million-dollar business that offers hope for impoverished and disabled people. Ze Tier, or Tsethang wool serge, is a kind of handmade textile art originated from Tsethang, a township in the southeast of Lhasa. Tender, smooth and durable, Ze Tier was considered the finest of all Tibetan fabrics and a symbol of status in the past. Join CGTN's Xu Mengqi as she visits Pasang's workshop and brings you the story of the man behind a treasured Tibetan craft.