The Chinese young man who took videos of 70 glaciers

On December 6, 2019, Wang Xiangjun, a young man from a rural area in southwest China's Sichuan Province, was invited to Madrid in Spain to share his experience on shooting glaciers at the 25th UN Climate Change Conference. 

Over the past seven years, Wang has taken videos of 70 glaciers. He was the first ordinary Chinese to speak at the conference. To raise awareness on global warming, he showed that all that's left after the glaciers melt is a desolate landscape of sand and rocks.

In 2019, the total area of China's nature reserves reached 1.47 million square kilometers, and forest reserves increased by 2.1 billion cubic meters. Glaciers, forests, and animals are all included in one of China's latest environment protection plan – the National Park Construction Project, which adopts the highest standard for global ecology governance and protection.

(Cover image is a screenshot. Editor: Li Yunqi.)

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