Anjihai Grand Canyon: An abstract land painting

The Anjihai Grand Canyon, also known as the Hongshan (Red Mountain) Grand Canyon, is found at the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Together with the winding Anjihai River, they form a colorful geographical splendor.

The canyon stretches about 30 kilometers in length, with a depth of up to 400 meters. The narrowest part is only two to three meters.

The reddish steep cliffs resemble thousands of sharp swords pointing to the sky. The vibrantly-colored rocks attract many geologists, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts, yet due to the complex terrain, few had the chance to venture this fascinating land.

With the headwater deep in the Tianshan Mountains, the Anjihai River rushes out and flows at the bottom of the valley, creating a fan-shaped accumulation of deposit and sediment.

Years of erosion have shaped the rolling hills around the canyon. The water washes and dissolves layers of soil, leaving colorful tracks with red sandstone and gray mudstone on the surface.

Standing on top of the cliff walls and watching the valleys merge at one's feet is a thrilling experience.

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