China's Stilwell Road Museum to open with 'hard to find' WWII relics

Stilwell Road Museum is ready to welcome visitors with more than 5,000 World War II relics, including Dodge trucks, Willys jeeps and road construction tools.

Linking the northeastern Indian town of Ledo and Yunnan's provincial capital Kunming via Tengchong, the 1,726-kilometer-long road was named after American WWII General Joseph W. Stilwell.

As part of a museum-themed block in Tengchong City, southwest China's Yunnan Province, the museum covers an area of 10,716 square meters and features items belonging to local collector Zhou Shicai as most of its exhibits, with additional texts, photos and video archives.

"These relics are valuable legacies of the Stilwell Road and were really hard to find," Zhou said.

Dubbed a "lifeline for the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression," more than 50,000 tons of supplies were transported to the battlefields in China during the war by the Stilwell Road.

(Cover image: A file photo of Houqiao Port on the Stilwell Road in Southwest China's Yunnan Province.)

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency