Qi Baishi art exhibition in Athens showcases Chinese spirit

An exhibition in the Greek capital Athens has brought the aesthetic views and core values of Chinese art to European audiences by showcasing a selection of works by Chinese artist Qi Baishi.

Truthful Being of the Mysterious Orient, organized by the B&M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music, displays more than 120 works from the collection of the Beijing Fine Art Academy.

Born to a rural family in Hunan Province in 1864, Qi Baishi earned a living through carpentry while teaching himself classical Chinese ink painting. His works often depict daily objects, but also capture a spirit of scholarly elegance and self-cultivation.

The exhibition in Athens not only pays homage to Qi, one of the greatest and most productive artists of 20th-century China, but also dwells on Chinese people's philosophical reflections on nature, truth and the meaning of life through Qi's outlook on the world.

(Cover: A file photo of a visitor appreciating Qi Baishi's paintings.)

Source(s): China Daily