Guinea Fowl: The best security guard you can employ

Many people spend a lot of money on security alarms and cameras, but there is one animal that can help guard your garden 24/7 efficiently. That is guinea fowl, also known as pet speckled hen. They look a bit peculiar – once seen, never forgotten. They are also very loud. When spotting an intruder in their territory, they will immediately make loud alerts. Guinea fowl has been known to scare off rodents, cats and ferrets.

Vulturine guinea fowls

Vulturine guinea fowls

The bird is native to Africa. The Romans brought them to Europe in ancient times. Some were taken to America about 200 years ago during the slave trade. There are various types of guinea fowl, including vulturine guinea fowl, which is the largest of the guineas with a striking appearance, and helmeted guinea fowl which is the most commonly domesticated. 

The head and neck area of guinea fowl is bare skin, which helps them regulate their body temperature. You can differentiate their gender by their vocalization. The female's call sounds like 'buck-wheat,' while the male makes a 'chi, chi' sound.

Here are some photos of guinea fowls. 

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