Spiky, but delicious!

Kiwano is not a common fruit outside Africa. The pear-sized fruit covered with spikes is not that appetizing either. But the skin is edible and full of vitamin C and dietary fibers. Most people only eat its green and jelly-like flesh, which tastes like passion fruit and banana. During the dry season, the juicy fruit is one of the most important sources of water in the Kalahari desert, a large sandy savanna in Southern Africa.

Kiwano fruit

Kiwano fruit

Kiwano, also known as the African horned cucumber, belongs to the melon family. Though it's native to Sub-Saharan Africa, today the plant can be found in many areas around the world, including New Zealand, the United States, and Italy. In the U.S., kiwano is known as the "blowfish fruit" due to its appearance.

Here are some photos of it. 

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