Macao's tourist price index decreases in 2019

Macao's average Tourist Price Index (TPI) for the whole year of 2019 went down by 0.37 percent year on year to 133.85, the Special Administrative Region's (SAR) statistics service said on Friday. 

The decrease was mainly attributable to receding hotel room rates and falling prices of handbags and ladies' clothing. Meanwhile, higher charges for restaurant services and dearer prices of local food products offset some of the decrease, the Statistics and Census Service said. 

Analysed by section of goods and services, price indices of clothing and footwear (-5.31 percent) and accommodation (-2.50 percent) declined notably year on year, whereas the indices of entertainment and cultural activities (3.17 percent) and food, alcoholic beverages and tobacco (2.83 percent) showed relatively large growth. 

Macao's TPI for the fourth quarter last year also decreased by 0.22 percent year on year to 139.50, due to lower hotel room rates and falling prices of handbags and clothing.

(Cover: Macao Tower) 

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency