Four family-tour destinations for 2020 Spring Festival holiday
Cui Xingyu

The upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year holiday is expected to see a significant surge in family vacations, said China's online travel agency Ctrip. While family gatherings remain an essential part of the occasion, more people opt for a relaxing journey to reward themselves after a year's hard work.

However, when it comes to traveling during public holidays, crowding is always a big headache for many. With some 450 million domestic trips to be made in the week-long holiday, excessive crowds are inevitable at some of the popular tourist sites, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing, Shanghai Disneyland, and the West Lake in Hangzhou.

What are some of the alternatives for a lovely tour with family members? Check out the following family-friendly destinations in China that come with relatively fewer crowds. 

Datang Everbright City, Xi'an

Name one city where you'll feel the vibe of an authentic Spring Festival, and that would be Xi'an in northwest China's Shaanxi Province. Recently, the real-life "roly-poly toy" performance at the Datang Everbright City has been causing a stir on the internet, successfully drawing more people's attention.

As its Chinese name indicates, Datang Everbright City is a place that never sleeps. It's particularly bustling at night, adorned with colorful lights. From Chinese historical and cultural heritage to modern building complex and decorations, it showcases a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity.

During the Spring Festival holiday, it will present a cultural feast that highlights abundant cultural performances, beautiful lanterns, and lively fairs with both global vision and Xi'an characteristics.

Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area, Jiaozuo

Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area, together with the Forbidden City, topped the list of the "Top 10 Most Visitor-Friendly Scenic Areas in China" released by Ctrip. Factors like ticketing, access, guidance, services, and tourists' evaluations were taken into consideration. 

After living and working in the city for a year, why not take your family to Yuntai Mountain for a nature getaway? Summer and autumn are the peak season, but the winter scenery never fails to impress visitors. The towering mountains, fascinating gorges, lush trees, and magnificent waterfalls make for a refreshing eco-tourism experience.

Slender West Lake, Yangzhou

West Lake in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang Province, is one of the top attractions in China that enjoys great fame and popularity. But do you know there's a "slender" one in Jiangsu? Though not as famed as the one in Hangzhou, Slender West Lake in Yangzhou doesn't lose in terms of the natural scenery. What's more, it's far less crowded.

With a history of thousands of years, Yangzhou is home to many historical sites scattering along the lakeside. After a day of exploring the ancient architecture, you may lose your way in wandering the history. 

A quiet boat ride might empty your mind or stimulate some conversations between you and your family. On top of Xiaojin Hill, a breathtaking view of the lake awaits you.

Qingcheng Mountain, Chengdu

Talking about Chengdu, many would automatically think of giant pandas. Actually in the movie Kung Fu Panda 3, the representation of pandas' homeland is based on the views of Qingcheng Mountain.

As a famous Taoist mountain in China, it's considered one of the cradles for China's Taoism. From historical and cultural sites to stunning natural scenery, it's a great place to escape from the noise of the city and find some peace.

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(Images designed by Yin Yating)