HKSAR govt condemns foreign interference in Hong Kong's internal affairs
Updated 23:26, 19-Jan-2020

The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said in a statement that foreign countries should not interfere in the internal affairs of Hong Kong.  

The HKSAR government made the statement in response to Sunday's assembly in Central. The government expressed regret over requests made by some within foreign governments to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and impose sanctions. 

"The SAR government will promote the constitutional development in accordance with the Basic Law and relevant interpretations and decisions of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress," the statement indicated. 

During Sunday's assembly, Hong Kong police arrested at least four people for "possession of offensive weapons" and "possession of instruments fit for unlawful purposes."

The police later held a press conference which strongly condemned the violent acts that happened on Sunday.

"Rioters committed a variety of destructive acts, including building barricades and damaging traffic lights. Many rioters brutally hit police officers with sticks and other weapons, causing serious and bloody injuries," Ng Lok-chun, senior superintendent (Operations) of Hong Kong Island Region of Hong Kong police said at the press conference.

"Since the rioters carry on their rampage, the police officers have no choice but to respond with the minimum force necessary including tear gas to combat the violence," he added. 

Police again urged residents to mind their safety and stay tuned to the latest information from the police.