How does a rural doctor offer help ahead of the Spring Festival?

Li Tianfen, 42, is a rural doctor in a border county of Yunnan Province. It's going to be the 19th Spring Festival Li spends at the clinic accompanied by her husband. Doctors like Li are considered health guardians as they offer emergency response and medical support in the countryside. Her work also includes following up on newborns, postpartum mothers, patients with hypertension and diabetes. Recently, a lot of rural migrant workers have returned home as Spring Festival is approaching. Li prepared a lecture to share knowledge about AIDS prevention and infectious diseases.

In the future, Li wants to train her son to be a rural doctor and teach him the basic principles of living his life. "Do not despise your own people. You should treat all villagers the same no matter they're rich or poor, old or young," said Li. Her New Year's wish is for her villagers to stay healthy. "I hope I will always be with my villagers."