Check out this H5 page to make your Spring Festival paper-cuts!
Deng Junfang

What happens when ancient Chinese paper-cutting meets modern internet technology? CGTN gives you a possible answer in an elaborate H5 page entitled "Lucky Charm D.I.Y."

With a history dating back thousands of years, Chinese paper-cuts are characterized by intricate designs and the creative use of negative space. This time, you don't need scissors or knife, but just a cellphone to finish your design.

In this H5 page (which is basically a mobile website), we offer you six design patterns with strong Spring Festival characteristics. For example, for the "Lucky Rat" pattern, you'll make your own version of the rat and type in your blessings. In the Year of the Rat, no one can resist blessings from first of all zodiac animals!

The patterns used in this H5 page are provided by Zhou Shuying, a representative inheritor of China's intangible cultural heritage – Yuxian paper-cuts.

Compared with other forms of paper-cutting found throughout China, often fashioned by scissors and with paper of a single color, Yuxian paper-cuts are made with a special knife, and are multi-colored. By using knives, the cutting style allows the craftsman to engrave dozens of pieces of paper at a time, with each of them coming out exquisite and vivid.

Check out this H5 and make your own lucky charm.

Happy Chinese New Year!