China to address concerns of foreign citizens in timely manner

The Chinese government will fulfill its international obligations and promptly address legitimate concerns of foreign citizens in China, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu told foreign diplomats in a briefing on the novel coronavirus outbreak on Monday.

The prevention and control of the virus is currently the most important work of the Chinese government and people, Ma noted, adding that an all-round and multi-level prevention and control system has been built. "All related work are open and transparent, and progress is being made in a scientific and orderly way."

Ma stressed that China has conducted active international cooperation since the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, and immediately informed the World Health Organization of the outbreak and shared technical information with the UN health agency. 

Chinese agencies abroad have also maintained close communication with governments of countries they are stationed in, and updated them on the outbreak and China's efforts in a timely manner, he added.

China is deeply grateful for the understanding and support from the global society, Ma said. "With the institutional advantages and previous useful experience, the Chinese government has the confidence of controlling and eventually overcoming the novel coronavirus epidemic."