'Days' sole Chinese film in Berlin Film Festival Competition line up
By Wu Yan

The 70th Berlin International Film Festival unveiled 18 films in its competition line-up on Wednesday, with "Days" the sole Chinese film included in the selection.

Directed by China's Taiwan-based Tsai Ming-liang, "Days" has only two characters, Tsai's decades-long workmate Lee Kang-sheng and Thai actor Anong Houngheuangsy.

It will face fierce competition against new works by Silver Bear winner and German director Christian Petzold, South Korean director Hong Sang-soo, and Britain's Sally Potter.

Chinese director Jia Zhangke's "Swimming out till the Sea Turns Blue" was selected for the Berlinale Special together with other 19 films, including actor Johnny Depp's new work "Minamata" and animation "Onward" produced by Pixar Animation Studios.

"Swimming out till the Sea Turns Blue" features three famous Chinese writers as main narrators: Jia Pingwa, Yu Hua and Liang Hong, who were born in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s respectively. They tell China's stories since 1949 in 18 chapters.

Both "Days" and "Swimming out till the Sea Turns Blue" will have their world premieres at the festival, which is slated from February 20 to March 1.

Last year, Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai's "So Long, My Son" took home two main acting awards at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival, with Wang Jingchun and Yong Mei winning the Silver Bear for Best Actor and Actress respectively.

(Cover image: A Berlin Bear award for the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany, January 21, 2020.)