Foreign racehorse trainer stays in Wuhan despite epidemic
By Zhao Yunfei, Zhang Youze

Despite foreign embassies offering to transport their citizens out of Wuhan in central China amid the coronavirus outbreak, some foreign residents have decided to stay. Rui Severino is one of them.

Severino, a racehorse trainer, is taking care of 27 horses in Wuhan. Though the coronavirus outbreak alarmed him, he remained in the city.

"We had to be more vigilant and pay close attention to both the horses and people," Severino said.

"I watch your reports, I watch all your colleagues' reports. Every time when I am at home, I watch CGTN, and that's my source of information. I find it very reliable," Severino said. "I have trust in China. I trust China can overcome this, and so I stay."

Horse racing events help Wuhan attract international visitors, but the epidemic affected the industry.

The riders and horses already put so much trust in me, so I cannot leave them behind, Severino said.