'Finally somebody is saying the truth,' says foreign vlogger in Wuhan
Global Stringer

Jovis and Marissa are foreign vloggers living in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China.

They have been working on videos that reflect an accurate picture of what is happening in Wuhan these days. But a few days ago, there was a media outlet that twisted their story. Fortunately, there are other media outlets that have told their stories more accurately, in a positive manner. In this video we can see their latest reactions to how different media have used their materials.

Marissa, an American teacher who is currently working in China, said she feels U.S. media outlets are starting to dispel a lot of myths about the virus, which she thinks is good for both her and her family. "Freaking out and just keep on [sic] spreading all this scary news doesn't cure the disease or protect ourselves," she said.


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