Monkey Island: Human built a luxury swimming pool for the monkeys

An island with sunshine, lush plants, entrancing beaches, and well-furnished swimming pools is one of the best destinations for holiday makers in the world, and there is one in south China's Hainan Province. 

However, it belongs to macaques.

Nanwan Monkey Island is located in the Nanwan Peninsula, 14 kilometers from Lingshui Town, Hainan Province. It is the only tropical island nature reserve for macaques in China and the world, hence its nickname the "Monkey Island."

There are about 400 hundred species of tropical plants. With abundant rainfall and mild climate, fruits like coconut, litchi, pineapple, and carambola are everywhere, providing sufficient food for the monkeys.

There are three villages on the island, with about 3,000 locals and over 2,000 monkeys sharing the land. Normally, monkeys are likely to destroy farmers' crops and fields, but the macaques there don't.

The local governments have taken a series of measures to protect these monkeys, which are mostly domesticated. Upon hearing their keeper's whistle, the monkeys would skip and swing between trees, and get together at the feeding point. A luxury swimming pool was built when people noticed the monkeys like swimming.

The island opens to tourists. Monkeys enjoy complete freedom and protection, while tourists follow a few rules but can get in touch with these monkeys.

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