Deaf people to be given epidemic prevention knowledge
Updated 08:08, 13-Feb-2020

Various means are underway to ensure people from all walks of life are equipped with prevention and control knowledge of the coronavirus outbreak. 

In Leshan City of China's Sichuan Province, teachers have created sign language videos to help more of the deaf and dumb understand the epidemic better. 

"Due to the particularity of the deaf's cognition, he or she may not be able to understand exactly the situation. We seek to make videos to explain to children why they can't leave the house, and what kind of things we should pay attention to," said Zhou Lilian, a teacher at Leshan Normal University. 

This is because there were 144 students with hearing impairments at the University, Zhou said, and they required epidemic prevention attention.  

The sign language video also explains ways to wear masks, ways to wash hands, and whether to believe rumors.  

She Wanbin, director of the Publicity Department at the university, said these videos are mainly pushed through the school's official WeChat account, micro-blog, the school news network and campus homepage.  

Moving forward, the university plans to push these videos to the provincial and municipal disabled persons' federations so that more deaf, dumb, and disabled people are able to understand ways to prevent and control the coronavirus.  

One of the first sign language videos garnered over 2.8 million clicks on Chinese social media.

(Sichuan Radio & TV Station and Meishan TV Station contributed to this story.)