Locals work with scientists to protect wildlife in Sanjiangyuan

Locals have been working with scientists to protect wildlife in the Sanjiangyuan National Park in northwestern China's Qinghai Province.

Sanjiangyuan, with an average elevation of about 4,500 meters, is where three major rivers in China originate. It is the first national park in the country.

Residents of over 1,200 villages within the park have taken over the monitoring of rare species.

After identifying 40 snow leopards, a treasured animal in the region, researchers gave villagers a unique chance to bond with these big cats: by naming them, using names from the local Tibetan culture.

According to Lv Zhi, professor of biology at Peking University and the founder of Shanshui Conservation Center, the government has hired one villager from each household as a ranger.

Trained by professionals from wildlife research groups, these villagers use infrared cameras to check on wild animals.

Residents here have made it a priority to protect wildlife and biodiversity in the region, even if that means they will bear the loss when a wild animal attacks their livestock.

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