Key water conservancy project in Sichuan resumes amid coronavirus outbreak
Updated 13:33, 13-Feb-2020
By Wei lynn

Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, work resumed on a key hydropower project in southwest China's Sichuan on February 9. The project has passed inspection tests, which was accepted by the local epidemic prevention department.

With this, the second phase of the project is set to generate power – on schedule – on September 30.

Tangba Navigation and Hydropower Project is said to be one of the seven hydropower projects planned for the Meishan section of the Minjiang River.

According to Wang Hongbin, deputy chief engineer of the project, there are over 80 workers at the construction site.

"We are focused on installing mechanical and electrical equipment in the plant, and installing the basic structure of the flood gate," Wang said.

The project department said it will strictly adhere to epidemic prevention and control measures when resuming work.

Yuan Xiaojing, deputy director of the office of Meishan Minjiang Hydropower Development Co. Ltd., said they have prepared up to seven days of oral disinfectants for workers.

"To ensure the [health] safety of our workers, we have also taken measures to ensure meals are sent to the site. Workers will have staggered meal times," Yuan said.

Wang Hongbin said the project will seek to meet the target of flood control by May 30 as planned, "and the project's first unit to generate electricity on September 30 is on schedule."

Tangba Navigation and Hydropower Project has an investment of 1.45 billion yuan, with a designed installed capacity of 63,000 kilowatts.