Turning point arrives: CGTN exclusive with dean of Leishenshan Hospital

"The real turning point has come," Wang Xinghuan, dean of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University and Leishenshan Hospital, the second makeshift hospital designed to receive critical and severe novel coronavirus patients, told CCTV in an interview on Sunday. " I am very confident."

"From the situation of new confirmed cases I can see that the number of fever patients is experiencing a decline," he added. "Trends of some key indicators are falling gradually and steadily, with no signs of rebound."

Leishenshan Hospital is built to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan with the capacity to offer 1,500 beds for patients who are suffering from the disease. Since it opened its doors on February 8, it has taken in nearly 500 patients. "

Almost 1,700 medical staff from over 200 hospitals across China have joined the local team, according to Wang. And eventually the total number of medical staff will rise to 2,500 to ease a staff shortage.

When asked about what difficulties in running the hospital, Wang noted the biggest one is the lack of integrated non-medical logistical support.

"As a new hospital, our medical staff are volunteers from various hospitals in different cities. Even though we have a logistical support system, we are still severely understaffed in this area," he said.