Chinese teen Gu wins back-to-back golds in Freestyle Skiing World Cup
Wen Shunshun

Gu Ailing seems unstoppable. 

Just 24 hours after taking the halfpipe in Freestyle Skiing World Cup in Calgary, the 16-year-old became China's most promising freeskier by winning the women's slopestyle too. 

That made her the first athlete to claim back-to-back gold medals in two different disciplines at the same venue, in the history of this event.

"I try not to take anything for granted," said Gu. "Last night was incredible and I really didn't expect that win, and today I think I expected it even less."

Gu touched the ground after soaring over one of the lateral obstacles in the middle of her run. She then dropped more points after almost wiping out on the next hill, and only ended up scoring 36.35 points to rank second to the last. 

However, her second run came just as strong as she made a number of adjustments avoiding the blemishes that marred her previous run. She landed a perfect right 900 tail as she scored 89.18 points to dump the whole podium down. 

"I really just came in trying to do my best and ski the way I knew I could. Skiing my best is really the best part of this, and being rewarded for it just makes it even better."

Switzerland's leading qualifier Mathilde Gremaud won the silver medal on 87.13 and Canada's Megan Oldham took home bronze on 80.70.