Sing for love: Chinese musicians use music to convey hope and strength amid epidemic

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, which first began during Spring Festival, many musicians are trying to create songs for charity to support medical workers on the front line.

"Most Beautiful March" was spontaneously recorded by several Chinese musicians. When producer Li Weifeng devised the plan, he was like many others – confined to his home for several days because of the epidemic. As a media person, he always felt he should use this time to convey positive energy.

So he contacted his most trusted partners and told them his plan. Li soon got their firm support.

Because the recording took place at a critical time in the epidemic outbreak, all the singers recorded their parts on their phones at home, which were then produced remotely.

At this special moment when information and rumors are flying around, it may take a beautiful piece of music to bring people the deepest peace, and cause them to think about what can be done for the present, Li said.

(Video editor: Zhang Wanbao)