Environmental impact amid the coronavirus outbreak

In addition to the economic aspects, the new epidemic is like a bump on the road of China's ecological development.

The increasing number of suspected and diagnosed cases requires an amount of medical devices and supplies, which results in more medical waste during this period, especially in the most infected areas. Waste sorting and processing have put pressure on the local departments of environment protection.

With the ongoing outbreak, restaurants are closed and many businesses are halted in most cities. More and more people choose to work, train and cook at home, therefore producing more household garbage. Solid waste disposal could be a problem for the households and communities.

A large number of manufacturing plants are shut down, relieving traffic congestion and reducing emissions in a good way. Power consumption and water usage have been declining nationwide in the last two months.

It relieves the pressure on the resource utility. In the long run, however, after the production and consumption are restored, there may be a significant rebound in terms of emission, causing pressure on the ecological protection.

Being a long-term strategy, the environment protection should not be neglected in fighting the epidemic. Medical waste and polluted water that are caused in the outbreak should be contained to avoid pollution in the ecological environment.

Wild animals and waste could be two major causes for humans to have contact with harmful microorganisms or viruses. For that reason, in terms of China's plan to amend the law of wild animal protection, wildlife business must be prohibited permanently. And the waste sorting mechanism should be carried out strictly and scientifically.

The virus outbreak has everything to do with the coexistence between man and nature. The balance is broken when humans show less respect to the environment they live in.

(All photos via VCG)

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