Family of four fight coronavirus epidemic in Xi'an
Updated 10:41, 19-Feb-2020
Wei Lynn

On February 14, in Xi'an's No. 8 hospital, a young Chinese couple working on the front lines against the coronavirus ran into each other.

The husband, Ren Ruikang, is a member of the disinfection team, while his wife, Xiao Jiawei, is a nurse in the isolation zone.

Due to their differing work hours and roles, they have not seen each other for more than 10 days.

"I wanted to surprise her. I got my colleague to film our encounter with a mobile phone. My wife wanted to hug me, but because of protective requirements, I didn't allow her to. We only shook hands at the end," said Ren Ruikang.

Ren always thought of his wife as a little girl who needs to be cared for. But through this epidemic, he has seen another side of her – one of optimism and strength.

"In the beginning, she concealed signing up to be on the front line from us, and throughout her work, she did not say anything to us that would make us worry," he said.  "I think my wife has matured a lot through this outbreak."

Ren's father- and mother-in-law also work in the laboratory and medical supplies departments in the hospital. The four of them have not seen each other for more than a month since they joined the fight against the epidemic.

"The disease is not frightening. As long as we have confidence, we definitely can win this war. Once this epidemic is over, our family of four must get together properly. What I want to do most then is to hug my wife," Ren said.