WHO team in Beijing to study virus transmission and control measures
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On February 17, a joint team of experts from China and the World Health Organization (WHO) began field inspections in Beijing. They visited the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and two hospitals and conducted technical exchanges with relevant officials and experts. The team is scheduled to go to Guangdong Province and Sichuan Province next.

What does the WHO think about how China has dealt with the coronavirus outbreak so far? How should the global community work together to cope with the virus? What are the primary goals of this effort? With all these questions in mind, CGTN's Tian Wei talked to Nicholas Rosellini, the UN's Resident Coordinator in China, who has been working with the WHO team.

Although Rosellini was briefed by the team leader early last week, he told CGTN that it is still early to talk about outcomes. The main team arrived over the weekend. 

"Twelve experts are from the international health community, including WHO experts and experts from China," he told CGTN. "I think the main interest is to gain a greater understanding of the novel coronavirus, about its transmission and severity, and the control measures that have been taken by China and how effective (they) would be."

Rosellini thinks understanding China's response to the virus as well as the virus itself creates a higher level of understanding that benefits both China and the international community, especially countries with weaker health systems, as it helps them prepare in case the virus spreads more widely.


The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China has surpassed 72,000. The death toll stands at over 1,800, while more than 12,000 have recovered. The virus has spread to 25 other countries, which altogether have reported more than 800 cases.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, "China is making great efforts in fighting the novel coronavirus." 

The team of experts has been visiting different localities in China, except Wuhan. How should people understand this? In answer to this question, Rosellini said it is important that the team sees what is happening at the provincial level. 

However, regarding a visit of Wuhan, he erred on the side of caution, saying it is in the middle of the emergency where the health services are very stretched.

"Maybe it was not the best time to go there and distract attention from the medical care and medical services that people need in Wuhan," he said.

"Hopefully, in the future, they will be able to visit them. But they are getting an idea of local requirements. I believe they are visiting a couple of provinces, and they will get an idea of what is happening at the local provincial level and the capacities of local health management of services."

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