Answer Bank: Why use forehead thermometers for temp check amid outbreak?
By Gao Yun
CGTN Infographic by Li Yueyun

CGTN Infographic by Li Yueyun

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus, temperature checks have become routine in neighborhoods and workplaces. And staff prefer to use the forehead thermometer, rather than the ear or mercurial ones.

Forehead thermometer, also known as the infrared thermometer, takes one's temperature by sensing the infrared energy radiated by the human body, as all materials emit infrared energy when the temperature is above absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius).

The process won't cause any damage to the human body because the measurement is done by the absorption and detection of infrared energy.

Why choose the forehead thermometer?

CGTN Infographic by Liu Shaozhen

CGTN Infographic by Liu Shaozhen

Using the infrared thermometer to check the body's temperature requires a short amount of time without the risk of cross-infection. Therefore it's well-suited for use in places with a high flow of people. 

When using a forehead thermometer, point the instrument toward the center of the forehead and keep a distance of three to five centimeters. Make sure the forehead is not covered or wet to diminish inaccuracy. 

It will be more accurate to measure the temperature of clothes-covered parts when outdoor, like the wrist and neck.

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