Chinese in Japan show their love for Wuhan with charity donations (1)
Updated 15:49, 24-Feb-2020
Global Stringer

Since before the COVID-19 outbreak began, a group of people from Wuhan who have been living in Japan for years, have been consolidating their efforts amid the epidemic. They've opened a direct logistics route from Japan to hospitals in Wuhan and the supplies donated by Chinese groups in Japan will be sent from directly to the city's hospitals.

As of Tuesday night, 203,380 masks, 22,473 pieces of protective clothing, 2,830 goggles, and 16,100 pairs of gloves have been donated to Wuhan. 

"We're both from Hubei and Wuhan. This is what we have to do," said Xu Xilan, owner of a restaurant in Japan, who has been in Japan over 30 years. 

Meng Zhi, who has been in Japan for 18 years and works in a bank, shared his concern with his family members in Wuhan. "In the this hard time, when we need care the most, being with family is more important than anything. Because family affection and love cannot be exchanged for money or career success. Once the family leaves, they're gone forever." Meng is also dedicated to helping collect supplies for Wuhan.

Video Credit: Hezhimeng


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