Xi Jinping replies to letter from medical students of Tibet University

Chinese President Xi Jinping has encouraged medical students of Tibet University to develop strong skills and serve the people at the primary level ahead of the Tibetan New Year.

President Xi made the remarks Friday when answering a letter from 17 students who are interning at Peking University Shougang Hospital in Beijing.

He also extended festive greetings and best wishes to the students as well as the people of all ethnic groups living in Tibetan areas. 

Xi said that he was very gratified to learn that the 17 students have not only improved their basic clinical skills but also strengthened their belief in devoting themselves to Tibet's medical and health undertakings during their internship in Beijing. 

In the ongoing fight against the novel coronavirus, medical workers from military and local hospitals are fighting fearlessly on the front line and have exemplified medic's angels in white's lofty spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the critical with their actions. 

"I believe you will follow their example and strive to become good doctors trusted by the Party and the people," said Xi in the letter, expressing hope that the students will cherish their study time, enhance their ability, go to places where they are most needed after graduation and work for the well-being of the people, particularly those at the primary level. 

The 17 students enrolled in clinical medicine at the School of Medicine of Tibet University in 2015 began their 11-month internship at the Peking University Shougang Hospital in June 2019 under a university aid program. 

In a recent letter to Xi, the students reported on their attainments during the internship and expressed their gratitude to the Party and the country, and their resolution to serve the motherland and contribute to their hometown. 

(Cover photo: Students participate in activities at Tibet University, September 12, 2019. /Xinhua)

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency