3M ramps up production to support China's coronavirus relief efforts
By Global Business

3M, the global personal protective equipment (PPE) producer, has ramped up respirator production to support China's coronavirus relief efforts. The company will continue its supply to the people who need the protection the most, said Wei Moline, president of 3M Greater China Area.

Shortly after the coronavirus outbreak, demand for supplies used to treat and help protect people, such as respirators, were in short supply. 

In multiple e-commerce platforms, including Alibaba's Taobao and T-mall, JD.com, Suning.com and Kaola.com, face masks were all out of stock.

"At the very beginning of the outbreak, 3M noticed that there's an increased demand for respirator products and other personal protective equipment. We organized internally and we quickly worked with our plants, personnel to increase production and output," Wei said. 

She says that 3M has been producing respirators at full speed, even during the Chinese Lunar New Year. "Our respirator plant was operating 24/7 to drastically increase the production output."

"We're confident that we can continue to do so, to supply to the people who need the protection the most," Wei said.

Meanwhile, 3M has donated medical supplies in affected areas in China. And the company will continue to work with its humanitarian aid partners such as Red Cross to provide support.

"We are very proud of the work we do. And we will continue our effort to provide product solutions in the middle of this crisis. We're going to overcome this challenge and we're going to come out stronger," she told CGTN.