Facts Tell: China is getting back to work
Updated 15:23, 02-Mar-2020

After a major lull to stop the spread of COVID-19, China is gradually getting back to work.

China has a labor force of nearly 900 million among which 30 million are migrant workers, who keep the nation's economy going. Some local governments have been organizing group transportation to get workers back to their workplace.

Companies in major urban cities in China are ordering chartered flights, high-speed trains and buses to help migrant workers return to their work posts.

However, international media outlets including Forbes, Nikkei and the Financial Times are bashing China's recovery to work in a very difficult situation.

So, what does the situation really look like in China and what has the Chinese government done to help? CGTN's Serena Dong has more.


On-camera reporter: Serena Dong

Scriptwriter: Serena Dong

Video editor: Yang Shengjie

Filmed by Fu Gaoliang

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